The Jewel Integrated Booking System

for Tour Desks and Visitor Information Centres


The Jewel Integrated Booking System (JIBS) is a fully integrated Point of Sale System for Tourism Retailers, designed to speed up the booking process for front counter staff and to cut administration costs at the back office.

It does this through integration with various supplier interfaces to provide real time product availability and instant booking confirmations.  These interfaces include;

  • The Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW)
  • Tourism Exchange Australia (TXA)
  • The Jewel Reservation System (JRS) (used by Tour Operators throughout Australia and NZ)
  • Plus the option for manually configured product from local non-integrated suppliers.

JIBS is a complete solution for VICs also providing Integrated EFTPOS facilities, an Integrated Website Booking Engine, Posting facilities to Accounts and advanced reporting tools.

Key Features of JIBS

  • Speeds up POS bookings to confirmed status at purchase by providing instant availability and confirmations from suppliers.
  • Interfaces to your website with a booking engine, no need to re-key purchases.
  • Free access to product information from more than 20,000 Suppliers on the ATDW.
  • Real time inventory from any integrated supplier means you have full visibility to the full product range and are not restricted to an allocation through a Channel Manager.
  • Interfaces to your accounting system to make reconciliations easy and avoid re-keying.
  • Enables merchandise sales, bar coding, touch screen, item search and categories available. Useful stock reporting.
  • Integrated Credit Card Gateway with funds deposited into your own Bank Account.  We do not act as middlemen in any transaction.
  • Allows automated update of products, prices, etc, saving you time, but you can also choose to manually key in suppliers.
  • Suppliers can login to JIBS, allowing them to manage allocations and prices.
  • Run multiple VICs from the one database to reduce overheads and administration costs.
  • Instant visibility to prices and availability.
  • Integrated Reporting Tools.
  • Optional Dual screen monitors to present ATDW Product Information to Customers.

JIBS Feature Checklist

  • Sightseeing
  • Accommodation
  • Point to Point Express Services
  • Rental Cars
  • Flights
  • Packages
  • Configure Local Manual Product
  • Complex Fare Types (Family Fares, Cars and Trailers for Ferries etc)
  • Integrated EFTPOS
  • Integrated Credit Card Gateway
  • Integrated Website
  • Merchandise Sales
  • Multiple Sales Locations
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Reconciliation, Cash-ups and Posting to Accounts
  • Dual Screen Monitors facing the Customer
  • Self Serve Kiosks