The Jewel Reservation System

for Tour, Cruise, Ferry, Express and Charter Operators

The Jewel Reservation System has been used for many years throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands by many of the region's largest Tour Operators.

Its strengths come from its ease of use, yet comprehensive features to provide a complete solution for Sightseeing, Commuter, Express, Events, Attractions and Charter operators of all sizes.

Our larger clients support more than one hundred concurrent users at any one time and manage hundreds of departures per day in coaches, cruise boats, aeroplanes, even quad bikes and horseback.  Configure Single Day Tours, Extended Tours with Accommodation, complex Packages all with Purchase Orders for the suppliers of services on those Tours.

The high level of integration with Third Party components allows us to deliver a full blown Point of Sale system with integrated EFTPOS, Barcode Scanners (for Boarding and Merchandise Sales) and fast touch screens.

At the back end, the website integration and V3 (ATDW TXA, NZ Tourism Exchange) integration opens your business to more automated sales channels removing the need for data entry.


JRS Modules


The Sightseeing Module has been used by major tour operators throughout Australasia since 2002.

The Sightseeing Module handles with ease, the transfer of Passengers from one Vehicle to the next on their journey while at all times ensuring vehicle maximums are not exceeded.




Catering for multiple movements using Time, Distance and Point to Point pricing models, the JRS Charter module handles exclusive and shared charters.

Visibility to Vehicle and Crew movements is critical for resource management so all modules (including Vehicle Maintenance) integrate directly with the Rostering Module. 



The Express Service Module simplifies the complex permutations and combinations of getting from Point A to Point B and back again.

Simply select the Origin and Destination and JRS will work out the best way to get there.

The system will also check the availability on each leg of the journey to ensure that vehicle maximums are not exceeded.


Extended Sightseeing

The Extended Sightseeing Module is for clients offering Tours over a number of days where the detail of each individual Passenger is captured including Flight Details, Passport Details, Room Preferences and Seating Preferences. 



Rostering is all about optimisation of Vehicle and Crew movements to minimise costs.

With the simple graphical drag-drop scheduling of jobs to coaches and drivers, some of our clients have saved 70 hours a day in crew hours and overtime.


Vehicle Maintenance

The Maintenance Module is fully integrated with the JRS meaning that all vehicle movements from Sightseeing, Express, Charter and Maintenace Work is combined into the one schedule.