Integrated Reports

for Business Intelligence to cut costs and increase revenue

Understanding your business is essential for lowering costs and increasing sales.

  • Does buyer behaviour for each Sales Channel indicate plannning or impulse buying?
  • What channels are performing better than last year?
  • Which Agents are performing better (or worse) than last year?
  • Who should you target to turn around the Sales figures?
  • Did your Agents run out of Brochures?
  • Did your Agents get offered a better commission rate from the competitor?
  • What information do you need to negotiate better Commissions with your Agents?
  • Should you offer complex Rate Structures with different Commissions for the High Volume Products?
  • Should you Cap Commissions on Products that have a high cost component?
  • Should you offer a different Commission on Child and Concession Fares that are already heavily Discounted?

In addition to the standard Dispatch Reports the system provides a number of other Administrative Reports by Date of Booking and by Date of Travel. New reports and report formats are being added all the time. All reports are easy and simple to produce without the need for specialist reporting tools. Some of the most popular reports are:

  • Agent Commission Reports
  • Agent Comparative Sales Reports
  • Agent Invoices
  • Outstanding Balances
  • Booking List Report with Pivot Table
  • Transaction List Report
  • Service Rendered Vouchers (Purchase Orders)
  • GL Account Posting
  • Agent Invoice Posting
  • Promotions Report
  • Gross Margins Reports
  • Pax Loading Reports
  • Manifest Loading Reports
  • Op Centre Loading Reports
  • Net Revenue Reports
  • Comparative Gross Margins all tours