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JADE is an all-in-one enterprise application development environment. It is completely object-oriented (OO), incorporating a powerful object database engine. The result of more than 10 years of research and development, JADE is purpose-built for transaction-based enterprise programming.

Its fundamentally different approach makes building and deploying systems easier. The normal industry approach is to use multiple tools from multiple vendors.

Having a single toolkit not only means there is less to learn, it also makes it simpler to implement system changes. And, because this single toolkit comes from the one source, you avoid the integration difficulties of using multiple tools from multiple vendors.

JADE allows well-designed, complex systems to be built and deployed quickly. Programmers developing with JADE have found that the speed by which applications can be built gives it a distinct advantage, complimented by an architecture that enables systems to be changed without many of the complexities associated with system modification today.

JADE vs Relational