Integrated with all major Accounting Systems

Both JRS and JIBS have strict reconciliation procedures ensuring that all Bookings are either receipted or cancelled as No Shows. This has resulted in an increase in revenue for many of our clients as payment must be chased and entered into the system for Posting to Accounts.

Staff are responsible for their Till at the end of the day with detailed Banking Reports generated including Voucher reconciliation.

For the posting of Data to an Accounting System, JRS and JIBS have a standard export routing for MYOB clients but we can also develop customised export formats for clients using other Accounting Systems. This feature alone cuts days off back end data entry and processing by administrative staff and allows Invoices to be sent almost immediately after posting. JRS can also split the Posting Files for different Brands or Companies within the one system.

Commission Remittance Slips can be prepared for Cash and Cheque Remittance Agents.

Advanced Sales can be determined for holding Funds in Trust on pre paid, non departed Bookings.

In JRS, SRVs (Service Rendered Vouchers / Purchase Orders) can be produced then faxed or emailed to Suppliers and then checked off when the Invoice comes in to avoid being invoiced twice.

Integrated with all Major Accounting Systems

  • MYOB
  • XERO 
  • Quickbooks
  • Greentree
  • Navision
  • SAP


Advanced Accounting Features

  • Single Step Receipt and Voucher Posting Process
  • Dual Step Receipt and Voucher Posting + Departure Posting
  • Remittance Advice Printing for Remittance Agents
  • Purchase Order Posting
  • Advanced Sales Reporting